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Helping your visitors find their way

Wayfinding signs

Exceptional custom wayfinding signs crafted with care by our expert team.

Awesome directional signs for your business

Our custom wayfinding signs, also known as directional signs, are available in a variety of styles and sizes, and can be tailored to your unique requirements.

At Sign Logic, we offer a comprehensive selection of fully customisable indoor and outdoor wayfinding signage options, ranging from elegant plaques and door signs to eye-catching directional signposts, reception signs, illuminated totem signs, monoliths, and more.

Whether you’re looking for an intricate wayfinding sign system or just a couple of straightforward directional signs, our dedicated and knowledgeable team of signage experts are ready to craft the ideal solution for you.

Outdoor wayfinding signs

There are so many different types of exterior wayfinding signs. From a simple directional sign post to a large, free-standing monolith, and everything in between.

The type of sign you need will depend on a number of factors, including the purpose of the sign, where it will be placed, and any branding and aesthetic considerations too.

Our team can help you find the right style of outdoor directional signs for your needs. Explore some of our different types of outdoor wayfinding signs below.

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Interior wayfinding signs

While outdoor wayfinding signs are generally used to help individuals find your business, interior directional signs guide them within.

Interior wayfinding signage encompasses directory signs, wayfinding maps, room and department signs, information boards, restroom and facility signs, reception signs, floor graphics, and so much more.

Our expert team can support you to create a fully tailored wayfinding system for your business. Discover a selection of our indoor wayfinding signs below.

Interior wayfinding signs

Custom wall plaques

Crafted from a variety of materials, wall plaques effortlessly blend decorative elegance with functional purpose within your building.

What is a directional sign?

Wall graphics

Elevate your interior with custom wall graphics. From minimalist vinyl lettering to immersive full-wall wraps, we'll help your space shine.

interior directional signs

Reception signs

We supply an extensive selection of reception signs, ranging from simple logo plaques to fully customised built-up lettering and more.

Signage experts

Expansive knowledge in the latest signage trends, innovation and best practices.

Superior quality

We only use materials and inks from globally recognised suppliers - our signs are made to last.

Competitive pricing

Most signs are made in-house so we’re often able to beat any like-for-like quote.

5* service

We provide the very best service and will always go above and beyond.

Frequently asked questions

A directional sign is designed to provide clear guidance and help navigate individuals to a specific location or point of interest within an environment. This may be a building, campus, park, or city. 

Directional signage comes in all shapes and sizes, but typically always features arrows, text, symbols, or a combination of these elements to help people reach their intended destination.

Directional signs are important for a number of reasons. The main reason is that they help your visitors navigate around your property and grounds with ease. 

This helps people move around safely and efficiently. It also reduces stress and frustration, and generally improves the overall experience.

The importance of directional signs should never be underestimated. Directional signs can:

  • Serve as a fundamental tool for navigation - particularly those new to the environment.
  • Enhance safety by guiding people to emergency exits.
  • Reduce frustration and streamline movement in larger buildings and public spaces, such as airports, hospitals, large schools, colleges, and university campuses.
  • Create a more positive impression on customers and visitors by making facilities more accessible and user-friendly.

There are four different types of wayfinding signs…

  • Identification - display the name and/or logo of a building, public space, or business, helping visitors identify where they are. 
  • Directional - provide arrows, text, or symbols to indicate the correct route to take to reach a specific location, such as reception, exit or restrooms.
  • Informational - offer details about the location, history, or features of a place. Often found in parks, historical sites, or tourist attractions.
  • Regulatory - communicate the rules, regulations, and safety instructions, such as speed limits, parking restrictions, or no-smoking areas.

When choosing the right wayfinding sign, consider these steps:

  1. Define the sign’s purpose - determine the specific role the sign will play. For example, is it meant to inform visitors about your location from a main road? Or perhaps it’s to guide them from the car park to the reception.
  2. Evaluate the ideal location - with the sign’s purpose in mind, assess where it should be positioned to effectively serve its intended purpose.
  3. Explore options available - while this guide provides insights into various wayfinding signs, our knowledgeable team can assist in making the most suitable choice. 

Speak to our team here at Sign Logic, or one of your local wayfinding sign companies if you’re outside of the area we’re able to serve, to help you find a solution for your needs.

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With a knowledgeable in-house team of sign makers, we bring together your vision with our expertise to craft the perfect signage solution for you.

We currently work on single site signage projects across Northampton, Milton Keynes, Wellingborough, Kettering, Daventry and Rugby, as well as large UK-wide multi-site projects.

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