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Tension fabric displays

We offer a full range of tension fabric displays for retail, exhibitions, showrooms, events, and more. 

Tension fabric banners

Tension fabric systems are an effective way to maximise visual impact on a big scale. Once the lightweight but durable aluminium structures are in place, the tension fabric banner can be installed and replaced with minimum effort.

Tension displays are ideal for brands that regularly update their campaign graphics and are often used in exhibitions, conferences, retail, showrooms, museums and other event spaces.

Our tension fabric frames can be wall mounted, freestanding or suspended from the ceiling, and can be either illuminated or non-illuminated. The systems can also be single or double sided, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit almost any requirement.

Benefits of tension fabric printing

  • Smart and professional
  • Seamless finish – no joins or creases
  • Minimal visible frame
  • Cost-effective solution for temporary graphics
  • Easy to replace – without the cost of an expert install team
  • Graphics printed up to 3 metres wide and virtually any length
  • Ideal for retail and showroom graphics, exhibition and event stands, and more

Types of tension fabric display systems

Wall-mounted tension fabric banner display

This system uses stretched fabric graphics to create a high impact visual display that’s flexible and cost-effective. Excellent for both temporary exhibition stands as well as permanent graphics in retail and showrooms.

Curved Tension Fabric Display

The soft concave shape provides a seamless curved back wall that draws you in and is perfect for exhibition stands. Lightweight but durable, these systems are can be easily stored and transported, making them ideal for temporary graphics with the all-important wow factor!

Fabric display stands

There’s a wide range of stretch fabric trade show displays to choose from depending on the size and space available to you. We supply a full range of tension fabric exhibits, fabric pop up stands, banners, backdrops, booths, and more.

Tension fabric lightbox

A tension fabric system lightbox provides all the benefits of other tension fabric displays, this LED tension fabric system is lit from behind providing a bright and even edge–to-edge illumination.

Frequently asked questions

What is a tension fabric display?

A tension fabric display – sometimes referred to as stretch fabric signage and displays – is a way to display large graphics in a seamless way. Large format graphics are digitally printed directly onto fabric that is then stretched over an aluminium frame.

As well as the sleek finish with a minimal visible frame, tension fabric systems offer a cost-effective and versatile solution for brands that often replace campaign imagery.

What is a tension frame?

A tension frame is a signage system that displays digitally printed graphics on fabric. The fabric is stretched over the aluminium frame to create a seamless finish. Some examples of tension frames include tension fabric exhibition stands, fabric pop up displays, tension fabric backdrops, and more. These systems can either be mounted on a wall or ceiling, or freestanding.

What is tension fabric made of?

Tension fabric can be made from a number of different materials. The most commonly used fabric is polyester tension fabric. It’s a synthetic material that holds colour extremely well, helping to ensure your graphics pop! It’s also incredibly durable, lightweight and of course, stretchy, making it ideal for this kind of signage.  

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