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Retails and Leisure Signs

Shop Front Signs & Branding

Bespoke signage solutions for the retail and leisure sector, including shop front signs, window graphics, internal branding, promotional displays, and more.

Shop sign makers in Northampton and Milton Keynes

Quality bespoke shop signs and branding have the power to transform the look and feel of your shop front, entice passers-by into your store, and make an extraordinary first impression.

As a specialist sign company, we create bespoke retail signs that will bring your business to life. So whether you’re looking for a new stand-out shop fascia, some attention-grabbing promotional window graphics or custom internal branding, then we’re here to help.

Discover the different types of commercial retail signage available below or speak to our team to find out how we can transform your business.

We design, supply and install commercial signage solutions across Northampton, Milton Keynes, Daventry, Wellingborough and surrounding areas, as well as larger multi-site organisations across the UK. 

Fascias & Shop Front Signs

There are so many options available when it comes to outdoor shop signs – from a simple and affordable shop sign board to a highly impactful illuminated sign with built-up 3D lettering. There’s even large format flex-face signs that are ideal for large retail park stores. We can help you find something that’s right for your business and budget.  

Projecting Signs

Double-sided projecting signs work harmoniously with your main outdoor storefront sign attracting attention from all directions. From flat panels and projecting tray signs, to bespoke projecting light box signs, the options are almost endless.

Other types of commercial retail signs

There are lots of other types of signs for shops that you might want to consider to make your store as attractive as possible to passers-by, as well as improve the customer experience whilst inside your store.

Window Graphics

Transform your shop windows into promotional displays with window graphics and frosting.

In-Store Signage

Extend your retail signage in-store with a branded interior sign.

Wall Coverings

A bespoke wall covering will give your store the wow-factor.  

Custom Pavement Signs Northampton Milton Keynes Bedford And Coventry (1)

Pavement Signs

Increase footfall with bespoke pavement signs and A-boards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shop front signs can cost anywhere from around £400 to £5,000+. The cost will depend on a number of factors including the type of sign (for example, a basic sign board, flex face sign or tray sign with lettering), as well as the size, shape, materials and lighting requirements.  

Here’s a few examples to give you an idea of price range for shop signs:

  • Basic flat panel board – price range between around £400 - £800.
  • Sign tray with flat cut letters – price range between around £600 - £2,000.
  • 3D built up letters mounted onto a sign tray – from around £900+.
  • Large illuminated flex-face sign for retail unit – from around £2,000+.

At Sign Logic, we create custom-made shop signs that are designed for maximum impact with your budget in mind. Speak to our team today to find out what we can do for you and your budget.

Shop front signs can be made from a wide range of materials depending on the desired look and feel, size and shape of the sign, and budget. The most popular materials are aluminium composite, powder coated aluminium and acrylic. However, we also use materials such as brushed effect stainless steel, polished chrome and brass for cut lettering.

Good retail signage tells passers-by who you are and what you do. However, this needs to be short, concise and easy to understand.

Think about what you need people to know about your business – a well-known brand, such as Tesco, doesn’t need to include ‘groceries’ on their main sign because most people are aware of the brand and what they offer. Instead, they opt to include their slogan ‘every little helps’ to remind customers about their value for money proposition. However, a small independent gift shop may want to include their brand logo and a short line about what they offer, so they don’t leave people walking by guessing.

When it comes to your retail signage, having a clear and consistent brand is key. If you have the budget to do so, we recommend working with a branding professional to create your logo and brand guidelines, including fonts, colours and style guidelines. This can be applied to all areas of your business, including online platforms too.

A fascia sign is essentially any type of sign that’s mounted to the front of a building. There are many different design options for fascia signs, depending on the desired aesthetic and budget. Some examples of fascia signs include:

  • Individual 3D lettering mounted directly onto the wall
  • Aluminium sign trays – either covered in a custom vinyl film or with raised flat cut letters
  • Large format flex-face signs – ideal for large retail units
  • Illuminated signs – perfect for night time and dark winter evenings

If you’re searching for ‘shop front signs near me’, then look no further. As a specialist sign company in Northampton and Milton Keynes, we’re here to help bring your shop front to life.

There are a wide variety of options available to light your shop front sign, depending on the type of sign.

  • Sign trays - a number of different lighting options are also available, including backlit, halo effect, individually lit letters or trough lighting.
  • Flat cut letters - these can be illuminated with trough lighting.
  • Built up letters and logos - there are a variety of options  available, including backlit, edge lit and halo effect. 
  • Flex face signs - these are generally backlit.

Speak to our team to find out the best lighting option for your retail signage. 

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