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Whiteboard wall

Improve creativity and encourage collaboration among your team with a floor to ceiling whiteboard wall.

Boost collaboration with whiteboard walls

Whiteboard walls have become increasingly popular as businesses and education providers discover the benefits of engaging and collaborative spaces. A whole wall whiteboard creates a highly functional space that's perfect for brainstorming meetings, presentations, and more.

Our whiteboard walls are made to measure in a high gloss dry wipe vinyl for a smooth writing experience, and can be fully customised in any design. So whether you’re looking for a simple full wall whiteboard or a digitally printed design, we can help turn your vision into a reality.

It’s time to say goodbye to post it notes and start your next big ideas thinking session with a large whiteboard wall. Ideal for offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, colleges and universities.

Magnetic whiteboard wall

Level up your collaboration space with a magnetic whiteboard wall covering. This style of whiteboard provides ultimate flexibility where not only can you write on the wall but also stick notes, memos, data sheets and artwork without the need for pins or blue tack.

As well as being great for brainstorming and team meetings, they can also be used for interactive charity fundraising tracking walls, sales target walls or as engaging employee notice boards.

Frequently asked questions

When it comes to choosing whether whiteboard wall panels or paint are best for your project, you’ll need to consider your design, budget and time requirements.

With a whiteboard wall, you can have your own design printed on vinyl and then covered with a high gloss overlaminate to create a completely custom dry wipe wall. Once applied to the wall, these can be used pretty much straight away.

However, with paint, you can only choose one colour and the application time is much longer – so not ideal if you’re in a hurry or if you're looking for something a little extra special.

The cost of a whiteboard wall depends completely on the size of the area you wish to cover. But to give you an idea, a 1 metre wide whiteboard wall from floor to the ceiling will cost around £170 plus VAT*. This is based on a 360cm ceiling height and does not include installation or design.

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*Please note, pricing is correct at time of writing, however, subject to change depending on material costs.

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