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Large scale branding

Flex Face Signs

A popular and cost-effective signage solution for large-scale outdoor signage without any joins or creases. Make a statement with a flex face sign!

Outdoor flex face sign systems

Flex face signs are a cost-effective and flexible solution for branding on a huge scale. It’s most commonly used for large scale outdoor signage at retail parks, sports stadiums, airports, industrial estates and other large customer facing signage.

Once the lightweight but durable aluminium frame is mounted into place, a tensioned printed PVC banner substrate is stretched over the frame, resulting in large scale graphics without any seams or creases. The aluminium frame can be powder coated in any standard RAL colour to match your branding, and the sign can be non-illuminated or illuminated depending on your preference.

As well as their seamless finish, one of the other key benefits of flex face signs is that the flexible PVC banner - known as a ‘skin’ - can be easily replaced without the removal of the entire frame, making it a far more cost-effective solution than traditional rigid signage solutions.

Illuminated flex face sign

Illuminated flex face signs - sometimes known as a ‘flex face light box’ – are produced with a special translucent PVC material that’s designed to provide a bright, even glow across the entire face of the sign. A slightly deeper aluminium frame is used to allow for the low energy LED modules to be installed and hidden behind the sign.

We also supply block-out flex face signs which is where the illumination is only visible through the lettering or logo. On a standard flex face sign, the entire graphic is illuminated. Whereas with a block-out flex face, you may have a blue background and white text, and only the white text is illuminated.

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Benefits of flex face signs

  • Large scale branding – flex face sign printing can be produced up to 5 metres in depth before a join is required.
  • Secure in adverse weather conditions – safe and secure even at height.
  • Completely customisable - custom shapes, sizes and metal colour finishes.
  • Easily transformed with a new PVC skin – ideal for property developers and estate managers.
  • No design limitations - your branding will be printed directly onto the PVC material.
  • Illuminated or non-illuminated – the choice is completely up to you!

Flex face sign installation

We offer a complete end-to-end service for flex face signage – from initial survey, where we’ll develop the specification for your needs, including any risk assessments and sizing recommendations, through to design, supply and professional installation by our experienced team. 

One of the key advantages of flex face signage systems is that signage of this size can be installed safely and often without any downtime. This wouldn’t always be possible with heavier and more rigid signage solutions of a similar scale.

What is flex face sign material?

A tensioned flexible PVC banner substrate is generally used for flex face signage. This forms the ‘skin’ of the sign that can be printed on with a graphic of your choice.

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