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Leaflet printing

Promote you brand, product or service with personalised leaflets. Discover our wide range of affordable business leaflets below.

Leaflet printing UK

Full colour leaflet printing is one of the most popular forms of printed marketing collateral, and is used in a wide range of contexts, including restaurant and takeaway menus, direct mail campaigns, wedding invitations, event information, maps, and more.

They are low-cost, versatile and come in a range of sizes with a variety of fold options, making them one of the most popular choices of print collateral in a marketer’s toolkit – alongside flyer printing, of course!

We supply A4 leaflets, A5 leaflets and A6 leaflets, and offer a range of paper options including 100gsm uncoated, as well as 130gsm and 170gsm in both gloss and silk. Our leaflet fold options include cross folded, half folded, gate folded, roll folded and Z folded. The half fold and tri fold leaflet are two of our most popular folded leaflet printing services. The half fold leaflet is the simplest way to get 4 pages out of 1 sheet of paper, while the tri fold leaflet provides 6 or 8 pages and is the top choice for menu printing.

High Quality Leaflet Printing

half folded leaflet printing

Half folded leaflet

  • Simple and effective
  • Sheet of paper simply folded in half
  • Achieves 4 pages from 1 sheet
  • A front cover, 2 inside pages and a back cover
  • Available to fold in both portrait and landscape
double sided printing service roll fold leaflets

Roll fold leaflet

  • Creates the illusion of more space
  • The sheet is folded into 3 sections
  • Creates 6 pages in total once folded
  • The outer right page is narrower so it folds into the centre
  • Sometimes known as a letter fold leaflet
pamphlet printing z fold leaflets

Z folded leaflet

  • Similar to the roll fold, however, the second page folds outwards rather than into the centre
  • This folding style creates a ‘Z’ shape
  • The sheet is folded into 3 sections
  • Creates 6 pages in total once folded
a5 pamphlet printing cross fold leaflet

Cross folded leaflet

  • Sheet of paper is folded in half and then half again
  • Creates 8 pages once folded
  • First four pages should be treated as individual pages, and the rest as a map or poster that will unfold
  • Pocket-sized leaflet making it ideal for maps and tourist guides
leaflet printing near me Gate fold leaflet

Gate folded leaflet

  • Front panels open like a set of double doors to reveal a three page centre spread
  • Creates 6 pages once folded - one main large panel at the heart of the leaflet and two half sized panels
  • Middle pages are the most prominent on this style of leaflet

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Leaflet maker

We care about finding the perfect solution for our clients at the best possible price, and unlike many of your typical online leaflet printing companies, our service is extremely personal and a member of our team is always happy to help you with your order.

While we may be based between Northampton and Milton Keynes, we offer a UK wide delivery service, so if you’re searching for ‘leaflet printing near me’ or ‘leaflet printers near me’ then there’s no need to look any further.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, the minimum quantity of leaflets you can order is 50. As with all print, we’re able to offer better price breaks for higher volumes, so it’s more cost-effective to order items in bulk wherever possible.

There are a number of different size options available, including A4, A5 and A6. There are a number of paper and fold options available for leaflets too, as well as a single and double sided printing service. Let us know what you’re looking for by completing our enquiry form and we’ll help you find the perfect solution.

While leaflet and pamphlet printing are both popular forms of marketing collateral, each serves a slightly different purpose. A leaflet is a single sheet of paper that can be printed on either one or both sides, generally to communicate one or two key messages. A pamphlet, however, is more like a small unbound brochure made from a single sheet folded one or multiple times, or multiple folded sheets. Pamphlets offer more space to captivate the reader and showcase your brand, product and services.

We have a two different options available when you choose to order leaflets with us.

The first is our Standard Printing service where you provide the final print-ready files to us. The other option – our Artwork Assistant service - is for those who may not have print-ready files available. In this case, you can send over your artwork and we’ll transform them into the correct format that’s ready for print. You’ll then receive a final PDF proof to sign off before going to print.

Standard Printing Service Requirements

For our Standard Printing service, we require print-ready files to be provided in the following specification:

  • PDF
  • Artwork to be supplied as a 2 page, double sided PDF
  • 3mm bleed around existing dimensions
  • CMYK
  • For landscape folded leaflets, submit front and back pages on the same page, with the front page orientation correct and the back page rotated 180°. The inside pages should be on page 2 and rotated 180° so that the orientation is correct on the final print.

Artwork Assistant Service Requirements

With our Artwork Assistant service, you can provide your final artwork in any of the following formats:

  • Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign)
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Publisher and PowerPoint)

We’ll then turn your artwork into a file that’s ready to print and provide a PDF proof to ensure you’re happy for us to get started. We can also complete minor design amends as part of this service if your artwork is editable.

We check every piece of artwork before getting started to give you total peace of mind.

We’ll resolve the following issues automatically:

  • Convert JPG, TIF and EPS files to PDF
  • Convert RGB to CMYK
  • Missing bleed

We’ll also run a few other checks and let you know about any of the following issues:

  • Low-res images
  • Text and/or objects too close to the edge
  • Impure blacks
  • Incorrect panels sizes for brochure printing
  • Issues with the form cutter guide lining up with your artwork
  • No allowance for creep within your brochure

If you’re looking to get leaflets printed, then speak to Sign Logic today.

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