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Booklet & brochure printing

We supply a wide range of high-quality and affordable brochures including saddle stitched, perfect bound and hard back. 

Brochure printing company

Showcase your brand, product and services in style with high-quality full colour brochure printing.

Brochures remain an important element of any successful marketing mix – even more so in today’s digital landscape where brands are fighting for online attention. A quality and well-timed brochure through the door of your most valuable prospects will help you cut through the noise and gain attention to your latest promotion.  

Discover our range of affordable and excellent quality brochures below.

Brochure Printing Near Me

Saddle stitched brochures

  • Popular choice for brochure printing
  • Folded sheets of paper stapled at the seam
  • Ideal for small booklet printing – from 8 pages up to 64 pages
  • Cost-effective and professional
  • Often used for trade show and event brochures as well as programme and magazine printing
  • Heavyweight option available with 250gsm paper for a more premium feel
  • A4 and A5 booklet printing available as well as custom sizes
a5 booklet printing

Perfect bound booklets

  • Glossy, sleek and professional
  • Front cover, back cover and pages all glued together at the spine
  • Available for brochures with 40 pages and up to 240 pages
  • A well designed perfect bound booklet oozes sophistication, making them the perfect choice for more premium products and services, as well as prospectus printing
  • A5 and A4 booklet printing available as well as custom sizes
Wiro Bound Brochure

Wiro bound booklets

  • Practical, neat and functional
  • A spiral wire is looped around to bind the book together – like a spiral bound notebook
  • Sometimes known as ‘loop stitched brochures’ or ‘spiral bound brochures’
  • Available for brochures between 8 and 180 pages
  • Best for brochures that need to be laid out flat such as calendars, branded notepads, annual reports and presentation booklet printing
  • A4, A5 and A6 booklet printing available as well as square
hardback brochure printing

Hardback books

  • Highly professional way to showcase your portfolio
  • A5 and A4 options available as well as a 210mm square
  • Portrait and landscape binding available
  • Front and back cover can be printed in gloss or matt
  • Available for books between 40 and 400 pages
Spot Uv Brochures

Spot UV brochures

  • Make a statement with a spot UV saddle stitched brochure
  • Enhance parts of the design with a shiny gloss varnish finish
  • Highlight elements of the design such as images, logo patterns, text and more
  • Sometimes known as ‘spot gloss’ or ‘spot varnish’
  • Available for brochures between 8 and 68 pages
  • A4 and A5 available

Quality print, affordable prices

Friendly & reliable service

Repeat print runs made easy 

Flexible nationwide shipping

Brochure Printing UK

At Sign Logic, we’re proud to offer one of the best brochure printing services, providing our clients with a quality and affordable print solution with a fast turnaround.

We’re different to online brochure printing companies and offer a personal approach to help find the right solution for you. But our personal approach doesn’t mean slow. We’re able to offer a fast turnaround service at a good price too. It’s why our clients return to us time and time again.

We also offer UK wide delivery, so if you’re searching for ‘brochure printing near me’ then your location won’t stop you from experiencing our first-class service.  

Locations: Printing services Northampton

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We always use Sign Logic for our brochure printing and wouldn't go with anybody else! Excellent service, fast delivery and always great quality.

Emma Stewart, Polaris

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the minimum quantity of brochures you can order is 25. As with all print, we’re able to offer better price breaks for higher volumes, so it’s more cost-effective to order items in bulk wherever possible.

Our brochures are available in a range of sizes including A4, A5 and A6. We also offer custom sizes for certain brochure types between 98-297mm in width and 148-297mm in height. We can also supply some brochures as square booklets at either 148mm or 210mm.

Fill out our enquiry form with what you’re looking for and we’ll help you find the perfect solution for your brochure.

A question we’re asked all the time! There’s actually no difference between a brochure and a booklet – they’re the same thing! If you’re looking for sheets of paper that are folded and bound together to showcase your products or services, then you’ve come to the right place. There are, however, different types of binding options, which you can read about above.

We have a two different options available when you choose to order brochures from us.

The first is our Standard Printing service where you provide the final print-ready files to us. The other option – our Artwork Assistant service - is for those who may not have print-ready files available. In this case, you can send over your artwork and we’ll transform them into the correct format that’s ready for print. You’ll then receive a final PDF proof to sign off before going to print.

Standard Printing Service Requirements

For our Standard Printing service, we require print-ready files to be provided in the following specification:

  • PDF
  • One multi-page PDF containing single pages in the correct order
  • 3mm bleed around existing dimensions
  • Please do not set up pages as spreads
  • Saddle stitched brochures must be provided with pages in multiples of four
  • Perfect bound or wiro bound brochures must be provided with pages in multiples of two

Artwork Assistant Service Requirements

With our Artwork Assistant service, you can provide your final artwork in any of the following formats:

  • Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign)
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Publisher and PowerPoint)

We’ll then turn your artwork into a file that’s ready to print and provide a PDF proof to ensure you’re happy for us to get started. We can also complete minor design amends as part of this service if your artwork is editable.

We check every piece of artwork before getting started to give you peace of mind.

The following issues will be resolved automatically:

  • Convert JPG, TIF and EPS files to PDF
  • Convert RGB to CMYK
  • Missing bleed

Other checks will be completed and we’ll inform you about the following issues:

  • Low-res images
  • Text and/or objects too close to the edge
  • Impure blacks
  • Incorrect panels sizes for brochure printing
  • Issues with the form cutter guide lining up with your artwork
  • No allowance for creep within your brochure

If you’re looking to get booklets printed, then speak to Sign Logic today.

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