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Custom pavement sign printing

Pavement Signs

We supply a wide range of bespoke printed pavement signs for brands across the UK.

Finding the right pavement board for you

There’s no denying the power of a great pavement stand. And a clear and concise message (such as your best drink deal e.g. ‘2-for-1 on cocktails’), stand-out design, and a quality pavement sign to match are essential. When all three elements come together, you’re sure to catch attention and tempt passers-by into your business.

Pavement signs come in many different styles, such as a classic and affordable outdoor sandwich board (known as an a-board pavement sign), a sleek and much more wind-resistant swing board sign, or something completely custom to really show off your brand. They’re often used in shop signage as well as cafe, restaurant and pub signage, and more. Basically, if you’re looking to attract people into your business from a high footfall area, then there’s always a place for pavement signage.        

We supply a wide range of pavement signs for a variety of settings, and can completely customise them for your brand. Discover the various types of pavement signs below.

Types of pavement signs

a board sign

Classic A-board sign

Classic a-board signs (sometimes known as sandwich board signs) come with digitally printed panels that are UV resistant, meaning the vibrancy of the colour will last for many years. There are lots of different frame options available, including black, white and silver aluminium as well as wood effect too. This style of pavement sign should be brought in overnight and during bad weather.  

Changeable Poster a board Signs

Changeable poster a-board

Snap frame a-board signs are an affordable solution for brands that need to change their message regularly. Posters can be printed and changed as often as you like simply by releasing the sides of the frame. They’re lightweight, portable and affordable, and can be supplied with a custom header with your logo for additional branding and professionalism.

Swinging Pavement Signs (1)

Swing Sign

Swinging pavement signs are made by printing your design onto a double-sided panel that's hung from a frame and attached to a heavy base. This style is much more sturdy and wind resistant than a traditional a-board due to the panel’s ability to sway with the wind. Poster versions are also available if you’re looking to update you message frequently but need the sturdiness of the swinging style.

Flex Pavement Signs

Flexi pavement signs

Promote your top-sellers with this cost effective and lightweight flexi pavement sign. A frameless pavement sign where a custom printed aluminium panel slots into a sturdy base. This style can also be supplied as chalkboard if you want to change message regularly. The flexible panel makes this an ideal outdoor pavement sign due to its wind resistance.

Static Pavement Signs

Static Pavement Signs

If you’re looking for a pavement sign that you want to stay in place for a long time, without needing to bring it inside, then a static pavement sign is what you’re looking for. Choose from a double-sided snap frame for posters or a more permanent graphics panel that can be fixed to a heavy concrete base.  

Static Pavement Signs

Custom pavement signs

Pavement signs and panels can be produced to almost any shape, colour and specification to grab that all-important passing trade. While the most costly option, a completely custom made pavement sign that’s tailored to your brand will make a long-lasting impression.

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Frequently asked questions

What are pavement signs?

Pavement signs are one of the most popular types of street furniture that advertises a brand’s product, service or promotion. They’re often used directly outside a business or nearby to direct passers-by in-store, and are regularly used in retail, hospitality and leisure. There are lots of different styles to choose from including a pavement swing sign, a classic a-board, snap frame pavement signs or perhaps something completely custom.

What’s the different between an a-board sign and a pavement swing board?

An a-board sign is made from two panels (or poster frames) that are attached to a frame. The frame can be opened so it stands on four legs, or closed for easy transportation. They’re generally one of the most affordable options, however, should be brought indoors overnight and during bad weather to stop them falling and getting damaged.

A swinging pavement sign has a much more premium feel. Depending on your preference, a printed panel or a snap frame for posters is attached to a metal or wooden frame. The frame is then held firmly in place with a strong and stable base. Swinging signs are much better in high wind conditions.    

What pavement sign is right for me?

There are a number of things you need to consider before you buy a pavement sign – we’ve put together some of the most important ones.

Duration of graphics

The first thing to decide is whether you would like to display your graphics permanently or will need to change them on a more frequent basis.

If your graphics are short-term and likely to change, then a poster style pavement sign is best suited. There are a number of styles available with changeable posters, including a snap frame poster a-board sign (this style can also come with a permanent branded header), a poster swinging pavement sign or a forecourt poster sign.

If you’re looking for a more premium finish and don’t need to change your message, then a custom a-board, swing sign or flexi pavement sign will work nicely.

Indoors or outdoors

If you’re looking to keep your sign outdoors, then it’s worth investing in either an external swing board or flexi pavement sign which are much more wind resistance, meaning it won’t need to be brought indoors each time the weather changes. If your budget doesn’t stretch to one of these styles, then an a-board can work. You’ll just need to ensure you bring it in during bad weather to avoid it getting damaged.


Budget is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing your pavement sign. A snap frame poster sign is generally the most affordable option. Although there are premium finishes available that will increase the cost, such as a wooden frame or custom branded header.

A swing sign or flexi pavement sign are slightly more premium options, but they are much better suited for outdoor use, so it’s worth considering this style if your budget allows.

Then of course, there’s the option to have something designed that is completely bespoke -handcrafted entirely for your brand and completely unique. Of course, this is more of an investment but cost-savings can be made when ordering in volume – making it a great options for premium brands who need to make an impression, or national brands with multiple locations.

How do I replace the posters in a snap frame pavement sign?

Snap frame pavement signs are designed to be super simple. You can easily replace a poster by popping open each edge of the frame, replacing your poster and then closing each of the edges. It really is as simple as that. You can also order your posters with us to keep everything simple.

Do I need permissions for a pavement sign?

There’s no simple answer to this as the rules and regulations are different from council to council – so we would always advise that you check with your local authority first.

But to give you an idea, if you’re placing a pavement sign on your business’ premises, such as a garden, terrace, carpark or forecourt, then generally this shouldn’t be an issue (assuming there are no issues with the highway authority, of course). If you’re looking to place the pavement sign outside of your premises, such as the public footpath, then it’s best to check with your local authority first.

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