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Chapter 8 Chevrons

High visibility vehicle stickers and chevrons to ensure your vehicle complies with the Department for Transport's regulations.

High Visibility Reflective Vehicle Markings

As vehicle livery specialists, we design, supply and install reflective vehicle graphics for any vehicle, including vans, trucks, HGVs, cars, and emergency service vehicles too.

Our Chapter 8 graphics can be supplied as part of a self-adhesive vinyl graphics kit, supply and professional installation, or as magnetic Chapter 8 chevrons - a temporary solution which can be removed from your vehicle with ease. We can speak to you about the different options available and which may be best suited to you.

So whether you need Chapter 8 vehicle markings on one or two vehicles, or an entire fleet, we provide cost-effective, quality chevrons with a fast turnaround.

Chapter 8 chevrons near me

We supply and install Chapter 8 vinyl graphics to clients across Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes and surrounding areas at our specialist facility in Northampton.

We can also offer a national fleet service for clients managing a large number of vehicles as well as a supply only service too. Speak to a member of our team to find a solution that’s right for you >

Emergency Vehicle Graphics

We can provide emergency vehicle graphics kits as supply only or as part of a professional installation package for emergency service partners.

We use quality materials supplied by 3M to provide optimum retro reflective performance, ensuring that emergency vehicles are highly visible to other road users and pedestrians.

Our emergency vehicles graphics include ambulance Battenberg markings as well as high visibility vehicle livery for police cars, fire engines, and all other emergency service vehicles.

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Frequently asked questions

What are chevrons on vehicles?

Chapter 8 chevrons are upward facing stripes in yellow and red. The red stripes are made from retro-reflective material that is easily spotted at night, while the yellow stripes are made from a contrasting non-reflective fluorescent yellow stripes for good daytime visibility.

These hi vis vehicle markings are part of the regulations set out in the Department of Transport’s Traffic Signs Manual with an aim to increase visibility of vehicles on the road and protect road workers and the public from injury.

What makes a vehicle Chapter 8 compliant?

Chapter 8 in the Traffic Signs Manual issued by the Department for Transport (DfT) outlines a set of guidance for all vehicles that either stop or are used for work purposes on the highway. These vehicles include cars, vans, trucks, gritters, road sweepers, tippers, recovery vehicles, emergency service vehicles, and more.

The code of practice is designed to reduce the risk of injury to those who work on the highway as well as the public. This is achieved by increasing visibility of any possible obstructions with clear and highly visible chevron markings – known as ‘Chapter 8 markings’.

Within the regulations, there are a number of recommended options to ensure your vehicle is compliant.

The first is to have chevron stickers that comprise of alternating strips of fluorescent orange-red retroreflective material and fluorescent yellow non reflective material. These strips should be no less than 150mm wide and each inclined at 45 – 60 degrees to the horizontal and point upwards.

The other option is a solid block of florescent orange-red retroreflective material.

It is recommended that vehicles have reflective vehicle livery covering as much of the rear of the vehicle as possible, without obstructing windows, lights or registration plates.

As well as the markings above, red retroreflective tape (ECE-104 marking tape) should be applied to any rear facing edges of open doors, guardrails and equipment lockers.  

There are other specific regulations providing for inspection and supervisor vehicles as well as traffic management and maintenance vehicles.

Inspection / Supervisor vehicles should have “Class ref 2” to BS EN 12899-1 or microprismatic reflective markings on the rear of the vehicle and a company or client livery on the side of the vehicle. A 70mm capital letter height “HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE” sign is also required to be externally mounted at the rear.

Traffic Management / Maintenance Vehicles (personnel / equipment carrier) should have “Class ref 2” to BS EN 12899-1 or microprismatic reflective markings on the rear of the vehicle. A 140mm capital letter height “HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE” sign is also required to be externally mounted at the rear.

We can be supply these as magnetic highway maintenance signs and magnetic motorway maintenance signs, so they’re interchangeable and easy to apply.

Please note the above has been provided as informational purposes, however, we would always recommend that you check the Traffic Signs Manual to ensure you are fully aware of the requirements for your vehicle.

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