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6 ways to transform your corporate office with wall graphics

Discover the many different ways that wall graphics can be used to improve your corporate office.

With the post-pandemic shift towards remote working, the primary function of the office is changing too. Most noticeably, the growing need to create more social and collaborative spaces that help to connect and inspire teams.

In fact, a recent poll conducted by Knight Frank, a real estate consultancy firm that specialises in finding the right office space for its clients, found that in-person collaboration was the biggest driver back to the office. But having a quiet space to relax was also important for employees. 

Wall graphics can play a huge role in transforming your office, helping you meet the evolving needs of your team. But before diving into your office refurb programme, it’s important to have a good understanding of how each space in your office is going to be used, so that your wall graphics can compliment its intended use - whether that’s a quiet and relaxing breakout space or a creative zone for brainstorming and collaboration.

In this blog, you’ll discover the many different ways that wall graphics can be used to improve your corporate office building. 

1. Create a great first impression with reception branding

The age-old saying ‘first impressions count’ is more important than ever. Make a statement in your office reception with impressive wall graphics that ‘wow’ your visitors and tell them what you’re all about. 

If you’re a brand with a rich history or you're renowned for innovation, you could show your company’s timeline with key dates or milestones. This could be on just one wall or wrapped around the entire reception area, giving your visitors the chance to learn more about you while they’re waiting. If you’re a national or international brand, you could pin your locations on a map, while retail and commerce brands may choose to showcase their most popular or iconic products throughout the years.

The options are endless, but what’s most important is that your reception graphics tell your brand’s story.

2. Communicate your mission and values throughout

Having your company’s mission, vision and values displayed as a custom vinyl installation within your office can be an effective way of bringing your corporate message to life. It’s estimated that around 50% of UK employees can’t recite their company’s values or vision, and so creating something eye-catching and memorable for everyone to see is a simple way of reminding them. 

This could be displayed in your reception, a meeting room, work areas, hallways, or any blank wall space where people walk past.

3. Boost collaboration with a whiteboard wall

Collaboration is king but all too often teams find themselves restricted to a standard sized whiteboard for brainstorming. And nothing kills creativity faster than having to rub out ideas to make room for new ones.

Level up your meeting rooms and collaboration zones with a floor to ceiling whiteboard wall. Our whiteboard vinyl applications mean that you can turn any design into a dry wipe board, breathing new life and creativity into your office. We also create magnetic whiteboard walls, so you can stick notes, designs, briefs, reports or anything else you need for your meeting on the wall without leaving blue tack marks or pinholes. Once installed, you’ll wonder how you conducted meetings without one!

4. Define zones with custom graphics

Each zone in your office may benefit from a different type of graphic. For example, you could create department specific graphics which inspire or assist employees in their role. Meetings rooms could be themed, feature inspiration quotes, or be completely wrapped in custom wallpaper. Serene nature scenes could be used for chillout zones to help re-invigorate your team. 

The environment you create in your office directly impacts your team’s mood and productivity, so wall graphics are always worth investing in.

5. Directory wall graphics

While some brands are better suited to traditional wayfinding systems, vinyl wayfinding graphics offer a less formal solution to directory systems. Applied directly to the wall, these graphics can connect all areas of your building in a fun and easy to navigate way, turning corners, climbing stairwells and so much more. 

 6. Don't forget window graphics

Ok, so technically not a type of wall graphic but window graphics are another simple way to add a splash of your brand’s personality to your office.

Whether you want to create a sense of privacy in your meeting rooms, add your branding to externally facing windows, or simply create shade from the sun with one-way contravision, then window graphics are going to become your new best friend.


The key to successful wall graphics for your office

The office design and environment is so intrinsically linked to employee well-being, morale and productivity, and custom wall graphics can offer much more than simply making a space look nice. But the key to successful graphics is to ensure they’re seen as an extension of your office signage and branding, and use them to communicate your brand’s personality through every graphic. This will ensure a truly harmonious office environment, where your graphics help build the workplace culture and outcomes you desire.

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